Smoking Bans in Bars – What to do?

How to use electronic cigarettes to get around the smoking ban in bars, restaurants, casinos, etc.


Over the past decade, the restrictions on social establishments over air free of tobacco smoke has invariable led to a decrease in business. Electronic cigarettes must take the place of tobacco cigarettes and cigars if we are to return the enjoyment of smoking in bars and other social surroundings.

The point of this post is to both encourage operators to discourage tobacco smoking (since they de facto have no choice), and to encourage electronic cigarette smoking (commonly referred to as “vaping”).

Research has shown that simply posting cautions or offering individuals with academic materials about the wellness effects of smoking cigarettes do not function along with thoroughly planned plans to totally outlaw cigarette smoking in public areas.

Throughout the country, hundreds of local laws disallow smoking cigarettes in restaurants and bars. As of July 1, 2008, 13 states have existing legislations, and an added five states have detailed laws that will work during 2009, calling for 100 percent smoke-free bistros, bars, and offices. Fourteen other states have bans in 1 or 2 of those places, according to the American Nonsmokers’ Civil liberties Structure [1] Smoking restrictions in bistros and bars have been controversial; the tobacco market and some dining establishment and bar proprietors have suggested that sales would decline if a restriction were presented. However, a 2004 review found no resulting adverse financial results.


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Office smoking cigarettes bans are coming to be much more common.

Lots of researches reveal that work environments with an overall cigarette smoking restriction reduced two times the variety of individuals which smoke than work environments with marked cigarette smoking areas. A survey of employees discovered that full cigarette smoking outlaws lowered smoking by roughly 6 percent and lowered the ordinary lot of cigarettes smoked everyday by 14 percent. An evaluation of 29 researches suggested that if all workplaces in the UNITED STATES became completely smoke-free, cigarette smoking in the whole populace would stop by four-and-one-half percent.

Work environment restrictions can likewise have a large impact on young people.

Studies given to greater than 15,000 teenagers discovered that those which functioned in a smoke-free office were 32 percent less most likely to smoke than teenagers which worked in areas without smoking cigarettes constraints.

A study of hospitality laborers in New york city state found that in the YEAR after The big apple’s interior smoking cigarettes ban took effect, workers stated an 85 percent reduction in secondhand smoke exposure while at the office [2] The workers likewise reported a 57 percent decrease in sensory symptoms causing by secondhand smoke, such as eye irritabilities, and a 37 percent decrease in breathing symptoms such as hissing, coughing, or lack of breath.

We believe that encouraging electronic cigarettes in our establishments will result in a new wave of popularity. ┬áRemember the old days when patrons used to come and hang out for hours, chain smoking and drinking and just having a great time? Let’s bring it back!